Monsters on the Move

This year I received a Mother’s Day card with a pop-up insert. The kids love it. The pop-up happens to be a shiny mirror that you can see your reflection in, so they are having a blast popping the card open and looking at their lovely faces.

This 3-D paper and crayon inspired pop-up card came home shortly after the original Mother’s Day card. Coincidence? I gather so much joy watching the kids see what is around them in the world and taking it up to create their own art, creations, and expression.

Now that spring is here for a week, which looks like it will be shortly followed by summer (yay!), it might be time to start planning for some warmer-weather adventures to cultivate some creative thinking.

We already have a bucket list going of a couple of museums and state parks we plan to hit up now that gardens are springing and parks are opening back up for business. We’ve planted some flowers but also want to plant some herbs and veggies.

What’s on your summer bucket list to take advantage of this time of the year? I’d love to hear what’s on your list to encourage joy and creativity!


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